Curriculum Vitae

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Date Of Birth:
087 690 1044
14th of August 1976


  • 20 years experience of web design and development
  • 3 years heading UX for a major e‐commerce concern
  • Expert in the use of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Very familiar with most prototyping tools and services [Balsamiq / InVision]
  • Proficient with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Deeply familiar with best practice design for iOS / Android
  • Experienced with research / focus group and acceptance testing
  • Experienced in taking business requirements and developing application interfaces, look and feel etc.
  • Application architecture and planning
  • Brand development and implementation experience
  • Setup and management of design teams


STRATA3 ~ UX Contracts

March 2013 to September 2015

Strata3, 10 Westland Sq.,
Pearse St, Dublin 2,
D02 CX36, Ireland
+353 1 671 8806

During 2016 / 2017 I completed two contracts with Strata3 as a UX Designer. I worked closely with Strata3's design Director and Head of UX for two major utilities companies in Dublin.

Electric Ireland - September to December 2016

My first contract with Strata3 involved joining the UX team on part two of an ongoing project working with Electric Ireland. The task was to continue the design of a new customer portal for Electric Ireland. This was a large scale project with very tight deadlines which required me to hit the ground running.

We started with workshops with the stakeholders in Electric Ireland and to determine business requirements. We then moved on to creating simple wireframes as proof of concept and then produced clickthrough wireframe prototypes in inVision. There were many iterations of these prototypes as the concept was honed. Then we produced high fidelity designs which were once again turned into clickthrough prototypes. We used these prototypes to test the design and implemented changes based on user feedback. Finally we wrote and designed spec documentation for the client.

My responsibilities included:

  • attending workshops with the client
  • interpreting their business requirements and representing them as user flows
  • creating wireframes and wireframe clickthroughs
  • presenting to the client and implementing feedback into the designs
  • developing hi-res design resources and clickthroughs
  • designing test scripts and accompanying prototypes
  • writing and designing detailed spec documentation

eir contract - January to April 2017

Following on from the work I undertook on Strata3's part for Electric Ireland I started another contract with Strata3. This was a three month contract in-house in the eir head office at HSQ in Dublin. Working under eir's Digital User Experience Manager, I was responsible for the UX of a major new project merging elements from different services into a cohesive experience.

My responsibilities included:

  • attending meetings of stakeholders, product owners and IT, interpreting business requirements and high level design documents
  • creating user flows
  • designing wireframes
  • building click through prototypes and presenting them to product owners and stakeholders
  • producing annotated wireframes for dev teams to use as further explanation of desired layout and functionality


March 2013 to September 2015

Unit 50 Park West Road,
Park West Industrial Estate,
Dublin 12,

I started in in March of 2013 as the Lead UX Designer. The company was growing rapidly ‐ coming out of it’s startup phase and entering a more established era. I was taken on to look after user experience and to implement some customer focused thinking on the site.

My position as Lead UX Designer involved:

  • undertaking a rethink of how customers find products on the site
  • rebuilding the checkout process
  • design / development of an Accounts section
  • design / development of a fully responsive version of the main website
  • localisation of (initially for the German market)
  • design and development of various off‐shoot sites
  • re‐brand of MicksGarage and development of new brand for MicksBikeParts as well as development of various marketing materials

FREELANCE DESIGN ~ June 2004 ‐ March 2013

I took on freelance design jobs for various individuals and small businesses for over 10 years. Many happy clients have been impressed at how I made complicated concepts seem simple. I did not hide behind jargon or try to scare clients with technology.

See some examples of freelance work


August 2004 ‐ November 2010

Sean McBride House,
Fleet Street,
Dublin 2.

The main site was built during 2009 on the Drupal content management system. This site represented a major overhaul of the structure of Amnesty's online presence and a long process of consultation with Amnesty stakeholders ensured that the new structure meets the needs of Amnesty staff, Amnesty members and the general public.

My position as Internet Administrator involved:
  • Information architecture for the Irish section website.
  • Design, development and maintenance of websites.
  • Management of web development team.
  • Constant development of new areas of the site as the focus of Amnesty campaigns change.
  • Development of "one off" sites such as a site for the Womens Day Festival.
  • Creation and editing of graphics for promotional purposes.
  • Branding etc for 3rd party projects [such as the FGM campaign]
  • Consultation on other media projects such as video production.

CINEHUB LTD ~ Chief Designer, Founder

June 1998 ‐ 2003

45 Herbert Lane,
Dublin 2. was a technology company providing solutions to the global entertainment industry, over the 5 years Cinehub grew to a team of 20 staff with offices in Dublin and Los Angeles with a prestigious client base including 20th Century Fox, NBC, MGM, BBC, Spyglass Entertainment, HBO and Showtime entertainment.

Cinehub's flagship product the "Virtual Production Office" (a mission critical online tool set) has become the industry standard production management and MIS solution utilised by over 300 productions globally (inc. TV shows such as 24, the X files, Will and Grace, Stargate, Malcolm in the middle) with in excess of 5,000 studio and production users on a daily basis.

My role as Chief Designer involved:

  • Development of initial identity and brand options.
  • Composition, layout and design of business plans etc.
  • Consultation with design agency during initial brand development.
  • Design and development of Cinehubs website.
  • Design and development of Cinehubs applications from concept to implementation.
  • Design and development of Cinehubs marketing materials.
  • Setting up the design department.
  • Day to day management of the design team.
  • Project management of all design projects.
  • Setting internal standards for design, coding, source management, documentation, testing, etc.

Version 3 of the VPO was written using Coldfusion MX for J2EE. I was involved from the conceptual stages of this product and gained valuable experience in the architecture of Java products especially from an interface and usability viewpoint.

TOPJOBS.IE ~ Web Design / Development

August 97 ‐ June 98

Co Dublin.

I worked in the Irish office of this international company designing micro recruitment sites for companies such as Bank of Ireland, ESB, Creative Labs, Analogue Devices and Esat among others. I was the only designer in Ireland working for Topjobs and received training in Manchester on numerous occasions.

This position involved the design and development of dynamic job application forms. Look and feel of these sites was either constrained by strict company guidelines or the design was left entirely up to me.

HOUSE OF IRELAND ~ Web Design / Development

Nov 95 ‐ June 97

Nassau St,
Dublin 2.

My first responsibility was the design and development of the House of Ireland online store. This was one of the first "e‐commerce" sites based in Ireland and all methods used were very new. An order system was developed and implemented and a system for keeping the products up to date and the pricing accurate. New product ranges would often have new stores designed specifically for them and various offers and competitions were run.

My second responsibility while working in the House of Ireland was the development of a directory of Irish sites called This task involved setting up the database of sites and researching links. A system was set up to add submissions from third parties to the directory.

Contact Info

Alan Crotty
Phone: (087) 690 1044