Building & Refining

Code - Analyse - Refine - Repeat

The bar will never stop moving

I find the pace of change in the digital realm exhilarating. No sooner have you got your head around a new methodology or idea than it is old hat and the conversation has moved on to the next thing. Constantly racing to keep up can be exhausting and useful practices can easily be left by the wayside in the rush. Change for the sake of change is a dangerous thing but there is no point in sitting still in this fast paced environment.

I never stop updating my skills. I still love to get my hands dirty in html, css, javascript and can hold my own in many of the popular tools / languages used around the web such as php, sql and .net

The best jobs never really end

During my time in Amnesty International and MicksGarage I learned the value of using analytics (WebTrends in the distant past and Google Analytics more recently) to not only find the bottlenecks and usability issues in a site but also to discover opportunities.

The people who use it

During my stint at MickGarage I had the opportunity to be involved with various customer surveys and focus groups (we used FlexMR for some of this). The most worthwhile data can be captured from talking to the users of the product.

How I Work